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September 20th, 2018 - Recognition for 30 Years in Business

On Thursday September 20th, 2018, the Town of Stony Plain & the Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce held a luncheon to honor business’ in the community for years of service. We just happened to be one of them! We received recognition for being in business for 30 years! Elmer, Jamie, Matt and Adam would like to thank Mayor William Choy, the Town of Stony Plain & The Chamber of Commerce for this recognition. Our father Elmer formed Ray Agro 30 years ago as a continuation of the business his step-father Herb Hennig owned for 30 years before him. So in actuality our business has been providing agricultural inputs and petroleum products to the community of Stony Plain for over 60 years. As 3rd generation owners, we were involved in the business from an early age and in looking over those years, and hearing the stories from our Grandfather Herb, the real key to our longevity, and to its future, is great people. We have an exceptional, hard-working staff who support us every day, and hands down, the finest and most loyal customers. So we thank you again for recognizing our 30 year milestone and look forward to many years ahead!


Elmer Ray, Jamie Popowich, Matt Ray & Adam Ray

30 Years