Weed Control

Lawn & Yard Weed Control

As regulated by the provincial government, unfortunately we can only supply these chemicals below to farmers and acreage owners. A rural address, name, and phone number are required. We cannot sell these products to people living inside city or town limits unless they have a valid pesticide applicators license. 

Trillion (10L): If broadleaf weeds (eg.dandelions, chickweed, clover) are taking over your lawn or turf, we can help by supplying you with an effective weed killer that will eliminate weeds and improve the overall health of your lawn. We sell a product called Trillion which is sold in concentrated form (must be diluted with water).  One jug goes a long way which is ideal for larger acreage properties and farm yards.

Glyphosate (Commonly known as RoundUp) (10L): This is a non-selective chemical that is used to kill all plants.

Feel free to contact us  direct if you have any further questions!