Custom Fertilizer Blending

A healthy crop requires more than just nitrogen alone; a customized blend of fertilizers and micronutrients will provide a solid nutritional base for root development and overall plant health.  We can advise you of the various fertilizer products and how your crop will benefit from a customized blend. All three of our locations have efficient blending facilities that will load your truck quickly with your customized blend, and get you on your way.  Alternatively, we can deliver your blend to your farm or field.

Seed Mixing

We also offer the service of mixing any seed with granular fertilizer. .  This allows the fertilizer and seed to be applied simultaneously. We offer seed mixing at all three of our locations and we can also spread the mixture for you with one of our floaters.

Custom Application

Ray Agro’s custom application fleet includes four Case Floaters in addition to many tender trucks that deliver product directly to the floaters, ensuring they are always spreading and are never sitting idle. Our machines are equipped with GPS and auto-steer technology for precise, efficient spreading. We offer granular fertilizer application, or for improved efficiency, we can spread seed mixed with granular fertilizer. When planning your planting operations, consider having us do the work. We can help get your crop in sooner for faster maturity and higher yields. We will ensure your crop is planted properly and on time.

In addition to spring spreading, we also provide a top dressing application to canola in the growing season, which can increase economic returns.  Our staff can help identify whether your crop might benefit from top dressing.

We also offer fall application of granular fertilizers. Go to our Fall Application page for more information about the benefits of applying fertilizer in the fall.

Custom Spraying

Ray Agro partners with experienced operators that have state-of-the-art equipment, outfitted with the latest technology including GPS and auto-steer. Our local custom sprayer operators are accurate and focused on quality. Whether you get one of them to do the job, or you operate your own sprayer, we can supply you with the crop protection products you need and deliver them to your field.

In addition to crop protection products, Ray Agro also has foliar and liquid fertilizer options for you as well. Foliars are applied at the 2-3 leaf stage and liquid fertilizer is applied as a top dressing during the growing phase, the timing of which depends on various constraints including type of fertilizer, and soil and weather conditions. Contact us for more information.

Grain Hauling

We also offer year-round grain hauling services.  Whether it’s right off of the combine, or out of storage, we offer competitive rates to move your grain using our two Super-Bee units.

Canola Seed Treating

Treating canola seed with a primer promotes the development of strong seedlings. We apply “Primer Canola” from Omex Canada in-house with our customized canola seed treater. After the seed is treated we can even deliver it right to your farm. 


We offer delivery on the following product lines:


Over the past 25 years, Ray Agro has gained extensive hands-on experience in agronomy and the agriculture industry. We offer advice on a variety of issues facing growers today. We use soil sampling (see below), field scouting, and crop inspection to identify nutrient deficiencies, weeds, insects, or disease.  With this information and our experience, we can formulate a customized solution for you and make recommendations on seed, fertilizer blends, and crop protection products.


We also provide a full agronomic consulting package if you are looking for more hands on support.

Soil Sampling

The cornerstone of agronomy is soil sampling. We have the equipment and expertise to accurately collect soil samples from your field that are then sent for analysis to A&L Canada Laboratories Inc., Exova Laboratories, or a laboratory of your choice. We will review your results and advise you on nutrient requirements and develop crop input solutions that work for you.