Soil Sampling

Soil test results provide the starting point in a successful crop management plan. Soil sampling over several years is crucial in understanding how management affects soil nutrients and properties. However, when you consider that every 160 acres has 320 million pounds of dry soil in the top 6 inches, sampling techniques are important to ensure the 1 pound sample sent in is representative of the field. Ray Agro has the knowledge and equipment to take proper soil samples and interpret them to assist you in making profitable fertility management decisions.

Benchmark soil sampling

Random annual soil sampling can produce inconsistent results because of the randomness. By finding a small area within a management zone that is representative of that zone, we can reduce sampling error; soil property changes will then likely be due to management and not sampling error. 

Tissue & Tuber sampling

Tissue sampling is not well supported in the literature as a good management method, but can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine hard to diagnose fertility issues. Caution needs to be taken in the collection and interpretation of results and our staff can help.

For our potato growers, Ray Agro follows the potato program as outlined by A&L Canada Laboratories as it is the most comprehensive and documented program we can find for in-season fertility management. Call us today for more details.

Field Scouting Events

We offer a variety of scouting services that can be customized on one or all your fields in any combination that suits you. Our services are as follows:

Timing Events

Application Timing recommendations - Provided if you are uncertain to proper crop staging or if you just don’t have time to keep checking field for the correct timing of herbicides, fungicides, pre-harvest applications or swathing.

Additional Scouting

An option to producers to call us out to scout on a case by case basis. An hourly charge will be levied in lieu of a contracted amount. Please note that contracted services get first scouting services priority.

Crop Planning

For those producers who want to have face to face consultation on crop selection, rotation management, and general consultative processes of the entire farm operation. This is a single fee option and we will sit down at your table or ours with you to work on a best management plan for you and your farm.

Data Management 

We electronically capture your data on fertilizer applied, pesticides, and soil sampling along with any scouting reports, including weeds present, insects or disease. We maintain your info in our secure database and can make that data available at any time to our customers.


Click this link to find our Agronomy Services Form once completed please email the form to [email protected] and we will respond promptly.