Farming is no longer just getting seed into the ground and then into the bin.

Your hat rack isn’t large enough to hold all the hats you need to wear to run your farm business. There are times when a reliable expert can help out when you have neither time or expertise to deal with a specific agronomy issue. Ray Agro is pleased to have put together a knowledgeable team, with diverse backgrounds to assist you on your farm with scouting and consulting services. 

We are also pleased to roll out an agronomy services package that is fully customizable to your operation. There are no set packages. If you want one or all fields looked after we can do that. If you need only one service on a specific field we can do that too. Our goal has always been to to provide the highest level of customer support and our agronomy services are no different. 

If you would like to a quote for services to determine the cost of what we can provide, please fill out our Agronomy Services Form and email it to [email protected].  For information to understand the categories on the form please see our services page. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.