Dry Granular Fertilizer

We carry Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potash (Potassium (K), Sulfur (S), as well as Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) and a full line of micronutrients (eg. Copper (Cu), Zinc (Z), and Boron (B)) in bulk quantities. These products can be purchased separately or combined to create a customized blend

Granular fertilizer can be applied in the spring or fall and can be picked up at any one of our blending facilities. We can also deliver any quantity of fertilizer directly to your farm, field, or implement.  We are also pleased to offer a custom application service for granular fertilizer and seed.

As part of our agronomy service, we collect and analyze soil samples to identify deficiencies and characterize your soil chemistry. We can then work with you to develop customized blends specifically tailored to meet the nutrient requirements of your fields. 

Liquid Fertilizer & Foliars

Liquid Fertilizer

In addition to granular fertilizer, we also offer a full range of liquid fertilizers.  Liquid fertilizer may offer you an alternative to granular fertilizer because it is easy to store and handle, and transportation costs can be lower. Depending on your equipment, it could also improve your efficiency by allowing you to seed and fertilize in one-pass since all hoppers can be filled with seed rather than granular fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer may also be applied as a top dressing if weather conditions are favorable.  We have the capabilities to custom spray liquid fertilizer using a technique that is safe for the plant.  


Foliar nutrition provides plants with the energy required to accelerate root growth and improve recovery from early-season stresses. Poor conditions in the early stages of plant development can result in stunted root growth and limit the ability of seedlings to absorb soil-applied fertilizer. Applied at the 2-3 leaf stage, the application of foliar fertilizer provides a boost to root development and improves the overall nutritional status of the crop. Foliar can be mixed with herbicide and be applied simultaneously. We supply the most effective foliars on the market from Omex Canada. We also offer custom spraying of foliar and/or crop protection products.

Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)

Anhydrous ammonia has a high density of nitrogen and requires a lower capital investment for the grower compared to granular fertilizer. We deliver anhydrous ammonia directly to the implement in the field.  Growers can use their own equipment, however we also offer wagon or applicator rentals.  Our highly-qualified staff are trained to deliver and dispense anhydrous ammonia safely.

Anhydrous ammonia can be applied in the spring or fall. Fall application is beneficial given seasonally lower prices and the opportunity to reduce spring work load.

Thinking of applying Anhydrous ammonia? We offer a grower certification course through the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers. We can also inspect and certify your wagon or applicator. Feel free to contact us for details.

Anhydrous Ammonia Spec Sheet
Anhydrous Ammonia Label
Anhydrous Ammonia MSDS

Lawn & Garden

We offer fertilizer in 50 lb (25 kg) bags in a variety of blends suited for lawn and garden applications.