Jakob Kruse - Sales Agronomist

I am the Sales Agronomist at Ray Agro & Petroleum Ltd. I am originally from Germany, where I was first exposed to farming. After managing several farms back home, it came time for me to decide whether I wanted to pursue a career in agriculture or follow my Dad’s footsteps and become a pastor.  Public speaking is not my strength, so agriculture it was.

During my time at the University of Applied Science in the town of Osnabrueck (Germany), I had the opportunity to come to Canada for an Internship. Stepping off the airplane and driving towards Stony Plain, I instantly had a very good feeling about this place. It almost felt like coming home after a long absence. During those three months, I received an offer for a permanent position on the farm in Stony Plain. After that, everything fell into place quite quickly.  I finished University and received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, I got married and my wife Marta and I packed the few things we needed and moved to Canada!

I enjoyed working on the farm in Stony Plain and gained good knowledge and experience of the crops grown in the area.  However, after three years, the time came where I felt I needed to use my knowledge in a broader way. My wife was the one who discovered the available position at Ray Agro and thought it would be a good idea for me to apply.

Well, she was right! It was a great idea.

I started my new job in May 2017 and it’s been a wonderful time so far. Just like when I stepped onto Canadian soil for the first time, working here felt right within the first week. This is because of the people that I work with here at Ray Agro, and the many growers that I have met.

Looking forward, I just passed the Certified Crop Advisor exam this winter and will pursue my designation in 2018.  I am excited for the coming years, for the people I will meet, the conversations we will have, and to finding ways to master the challenges we will face. I am looking forward to broadening my knowledge by working with you as your Agronomist year after year, season after season, and finding solid agronomic solutions that will bring you value.

I look forward to working with you!

jkruse@rayagro.com    Office: (780) 963-2078 Ext.27    Cell: (587) 341-5992